Hospital Heroes

Hospital Heroes

Genre: Tycoon
Platform: Browser
Status: In Beta

Research indicates hospital staff still make a lot of mistakes when it comes to administering medicine. Hectic work conditions influence the results of the staff, but the main problem lies in calculating the amount of medicine needed. Hospital Heroes tackles these problems and let’s hospital staff around the world train, improve, and even grade their knowledge in administering medicine. All this is done in a fun way by letting them take control of a digital hospital.

The player is given a fully operational customizable hospital to manage. He gains experience points and money by solving calculations related to real life medicinal possibilities, in turn helping the sick patients. From bloated heads to bodies fully covered in hair, the diseases the player encounters vary greatly. With more and more experience and money gained, new interesting areas, machinery and upgrades can be bought which bring new possibilities to the hospital. The player can personalize the hospital into whatever he wants, and buying new rooms and machinery lets other kinds of patients be treated.


  • Run your very own hospital with crazy diseases and events.
  • Learn as you play, with goals and rewards suited to your level of expertise.
  • Visual progress, directly tied to how well you handle the problems thrown at you.
  • Play whenever you want, and continue from where you left off.
  • Expand your hospital with new staff and machinery, or improve the staff room.

This game is created in cooperation with Noordhoff Uitgevers, M-Engaged and Triangle Studios.