The Best Egg

The Best Egg
Genre: Tycoon
Platform: Browser
Status: In beta

The goal of ‘Het Beste Ei’ (the best egg) is to let students discover what is involved in food processing, in this case the processing of eggs. By pitting teams of players against each other in a competitive and playful game environment, the student gets to discover the different roles that are involved in the process.

The player is assigned one of five available roles in a team with 4 other people. Together they need to buy eggs off the market and make the perfect match with their clients. Since every role has its own specialty, the players have to work together to keep customers happy and be the most thriving egg company in town by getting the highest reputation.

The whole game is directed by the teacher who decides when new eggs will be available on the market and how difficult the clients are. The game is played during 4-6 weeks.


  • Manage an egg company together with your teammates.
  • A simple and addictive buy cheap, sell high, market system.
  • Teamwork and communication is required to get the best reputation for your company.
  • The game is played online and always accessible, from anywhere.
  • Illustrates the different roles in food processing and lets students play with it.

Extra information
For more information on the game and how it works, you can download the manual (in Dutch).


This game is created in cooperation with Van Hall Larenstein, university of applied sciencesCSG Liudger and M-Engaged.