Bert Bever

Bert Bever

Genre: Kids/Adventure
Platform: Browser based
Status: Released

Travel around the world and help the people in several countries with their problems . Help local agriculture by building a dam in Africa and bring the children to school in India. Different countries require a different approach.

Adventure style point and click with an extra dimension. You see the game world through a cardboard looking box, items are hidden behind trees, houses, fences and other objects in the world. Tilt the box to change your view and look behind them.

By finishing a project in a country, you can unlock new places to travel to. Call in the help of your friends to finish a project and try to finish the projects in all countries.


  • Travel around the world with ‘Bert Bever’, the mascot of ‘de Verre Naasten’.
  • 4 Different countries to travel to, each with their own culture and customs.
  • Unique cardboard looking box graphical style.
  • The ability to e-mail friends to invite them to play the game and add them to your workforce to finish a project faster.