Serious Games

Serious games or applied games have an extra purpose besides just entertaining the player. They can teach the player something, or get a certain message across. It lets players experiment in a safe environment, for example to learn to navigate a ship or to train management soft skills.

As a child, you learn by playing and experimenting, this doesn’t change when children grow up, but people find less and less time to just play. We think that’s a shame since learning through play is way more engaging than learning through books or exercises. This also shows in the retention rate of players and ultimately improves efficiency of learning.

Besides the obvious fact that games are an engaging learning method, it also teaches abstract skills like system thinking and advanced analysis. In a society where a huge amount of information is available everywhere through mobile phones, it is more important to properly analyze a problem and find the right information to solve the problem, than to memorize all the information.

We specialize in engaging the player through play and getting the right information across. We work in the following areas.

Healthcare: We work with clients in the area of healthcare like hospitals and rehabilitation centres. Our games help shorten and liven up a sometimes long and painful road to recovery.
Education: You can also find our games in schools where teachers use our games to explain complex systems through teamplay and engaging gameplay.
Culture: We also make games for cultural institutions like museums. We engage visitors through an extra layer of gameplay in the museum and immerse them in the wonderful background of art.

Critical Bit developed these serious games and more: