Genre: Shoot ’em up
Platform: Browser
Status: Released

In a futuristic world, our hero Troy runs a scrapyard. Because of recent anti pollution and cleanliness laws taken into effect by the local government, Troy is starting to run out of business. Nice and shiny is in, rusted and dented out. He has taken it up himself to create some business again. All these large companies making use of his airspace and taking away his work have to go. Troy patched up an old hot rod racing plane his father used to fly and fits on it whatever weapon he can find. Troy doesn’t really know a whole lot about war other than that it requires weapons. Taking care of his rivals and creating scrap he can sell at the same time sounds like the best idea Troy has ever had. He might piss off people here and there though.

L.O.G. is a 2d side scrolling shoot ‘em up. The player controls a small plane on the screen. Weapons can be found during gameplay in the form of crate pickup icons and are then stored in the garage. Each weapon the player finds can be placed on the plane in the garage’s edit menu and can face whatever direction the player prefers.
Weapons vary greatly, from simple blaster weapons to beam weapons. Because of this, players can choose whatever combination they want and employ the chosen weapons in whichever way works for them. Of course, all this firepower comes at a price. It weighs a lot. The more and heavier weapons the player puts on his plane, the less agility it will have. Have too much stuff on your plane, and it nearly comes to a standstill.
The plane can be upgraded though. Every enemy the player manages to take down ends up at the scrapyard sooner or later, which means there are more than enough materials to work with to enhance the plane’s weight capacity and strengthen weaponry.

– Hectic and tactical 2d shoot ‘em up gameplay
– Fully customizable plane arsenal, down to placement and angle
– A reward system, granting the player random loot based on crate pick-ups
– Randomized level design, making every playthrough different
– New game plus mode on completion, setting the bar even higher than before

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