About us

Critical Bit is an independent game developer based in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. We are a young game studio of three friends. We started this because of our passion for games. Critical Bit games are accessible and easy to learn while still offering the depth and novelty to keep players engaged.

We believe that gaming can play a serious role in training and education. Games have the power to engage people in ways that traditional media haven’t achieved yet. Games can be used to train management and decision making skills, explain abstract concepts and models, simulate controlling a boat or plane, let the player experience medieval life from a historical perspective. Whether it is a training program or an educational game, games can make learning fun!

We develop for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android (phone and tablet), PC and web. Our projects also make use of VR (Virtual Reality) using for instance the Oculus Rift and AR (Augmented Reality). We also, occasionally, make boardgames.


You can contact us for several services:

  • Development and outsourcing: Besides the development of complete products, you can also hire us to help you with your project. We are a flexible team that can work from our office or yours. We can help with art, programming, project management (scrum), concept and design.
  • Workshops and lectures: Want to explore the area of gaming and game design by making your own game? We have been giving workshops and lectures on the basics of game design for the past 4 years and are glad to share our experience at your company or school. Our motto here is: everyone can make a game!
  • Consultancy: Don’t know where to start? Heard about gaming but don’t know what it can do for your company? We can inform you on the possibilities, help you get to a game concept or even help you with the final design.

Who are we?