Back Trainer

Genre: Rehabilitation app
Platform: Android and Apple phones and tablets
Status: In Development

The Back Trainer app is perfect for people who want to rehabilitate from having back problems. It assists you in performing the exercises given by your physician / physiotherapist. Doing these exercises well is sometimes hard when all you have is some instructions and crude drawings.

The app gives users access to a large database of digitally animated exercises which can be used as reference for practice sessions during your free time. These exercises are fully motion captured.

The realistic motion captured animations ignore the boundaries of conventional video, as users can now freely rotate the camera and look at the action from whatever angle they prefer. Back Trainer also lets you pause and slow down the animated character. You have all the tools you need to see every little detail.


  • A large database of exercises, fully realized in 3d.
  • Highly detailed and realistic animated exercises recorded using motion capture.
  • Cooperation with physicians and physiotherapists, guaranteeing an accurate portrayal.
  • Easy to use controls to adjust the speed and angle to view the moves in.